It has been a little longer than I wanted to since my last post, but it has been pretty manic the last week or so and I haven’t gotten round to adding my next App. As such this is also going to be quite a short one, looking at an app for testing for various forms of colour blindness called ColorTest. It is an app that whilst very limited in scope (it shows examples of Ishihara colour vision testing plates), but has been useful when discussing genetics in general, and X-linked characteristics in particular.

The first of 24 testing plates in the app

There are 24 different plates testing for the various forms of colour blindness. when you click next it says what a person with colour vision would see and what a person with impaired colour vision might see.

An example of the explanation under a plate.

Pro: It does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it well enough. There are obviously internet sites that do this just as well but at least this free app has no adverts.

Con: The teacher has to provide the genetics background, but then it never sets out to explain this.

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I am a Biology teacher at an independent school in the UK. My main interest is the use of technology in science education, with a specific emphasis on iPads. All views expressed are my own.

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  1. 3arn0wl says :

    Not an app, but this website is interesting in a similar way:

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